1) Filters must be in proper working order. Circulation of pool water must occur on a daily basis with the use of an energy controlled device. It is recommended that the body of the water is turn over once per day.

2) Customer agrees to have conditioner added when needed, to stabilize pool water to hold chemicals. The cost is not included in the regular monthly rate.

3) Access must be provided to the pool if the resident is not home. This includes clear and safe pathways to the pool area. Inaccessible locks and pool covers must be off on the day of service. Missed visits due to a lock out may not be able to be rescheduled and we do not deduct for this type of missed service. Pool Chlor Technicians are instructed not to take covers off in case the cover accidentally rips. Only if a automatic or semi automatic reel cover system is in place and properly working will Pool Chlor take covers off.

4) Water level is the responsibility of the resident and not that of Pool Chlor. The resident must agree to keep all working components of the filtration system and pool sweep in sound operating condition.

5) Chemical Service Customers must agree to have the filter cleaned, as often as it is required, due to the size and nature of the unit. No less than once per year.

6) Full service customers will receive no less than 4 visits per month. Chemical only customers will receive no less than 2 visits per month.

7) Billing is sent the last week of every month for service for the following month. Payments are due at the time of billing prior to our service for that month.

8) If there is a leak in the pool due to cracks, underground leaks, etc....Pool Chlor reserves the right to charge separately for all chemicals used.

Pool Chlor is responsible for the completion of the services specified in this agreement. Omission of any of these particular services does not constitute a default by pool Chlor of this agreement. Pool Chlor will make every attempt to complete these services in a professional manner. Pool Chlor is not responsible for any preexisting conditions or damages to the pool structure or the operating equipment. When a defect, failure or improper installation by others is found on the pool system or related equipment Pool Chlor will not be obligated to replace or repair. All repairs will be accepted or denied at the sole discretion of Pool Chlor. Our policy is to educate the pool owner on the nature of the device and the repair necessary for correction with an estimate of the cost for additional work. The homeowner will then allow us to proceed with the repair based on a written or sometimes verbal only contract. Pool Chlor shall not be held liable for damage caused by improper water levels in the pool. In the event Pool Chlor shall employ an attorney or bring suit to enforce any terms of this agreement. Pool Chlor shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys fees and expenses of litigation. All accounts are due and payable by the first week of the month of service. Delinquent accounts may be subject to a finance charge of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance. Rates are subject to change.