Monthly Pool Service

Our Full Pool Service is strongly recommended. With this service you will receive a visit by a Pool Chlor technician no less than 4 times per month. Two separate servicemen come out to provide chemicals and cleaning. Every two weeks you can be assured complete chemical testing and balance to the pool water by our chemical technician, as determined by industry standards. You are provided a floating auto chlorinator filled and maintained during the hottest months of the year. This service includes all the basic chemicals for normal maintenance and complete water balance. Any additional algaecides and conditioners will be charged separately. Alternatively, every two weeks the full service technician will vacuum the pool and net surface, clean baskets, brush walls and floor, and brush the tile line as necessary. Filters (under 200 sq. ft) to be backwashed or cleaned at no additional charge.

Our Extra Full Service is for pools prone to heavy debris. It includes all of the above, but with weekly cleaning visits. A total of six pool side visits per month.

Our Basic Pool Service is chemical service twice per month. Diagnostic testing and adjustment for chlorine, pH control, and complete water balance.

Our Basic Plus Service, has a Pool Chlor Chemical service technician service the pool twice per month. Diagnostic testing and adjustment for chlorine, pH control, and complete water balance. Plus, once a quarter, an additional visit to clean the filter and provide an overall equipment evaluation.

*All services include onsite record of each visit made to your home. This record is kept in the filter time clock box. A service tag recording the cleaning visit and any important notes relating to the pool operation will be left on the door.
 *All prices are per month, initial start-up fees of $65 will apply. Consult with office personnel prior to signing.
 *Chemicals included in service are: chlorine, muriatic acid, sodium bicarbonate, 3" chlorinating tablets, calcium, and filter aid. Chemistry levels can change dramatically at any time due to such things as weather conditions, pool usage, or type of chemicals used around the yard.

 *Cyanuric Acid (Pool Conditioner) will be charged at an additional cost. Currently the conditioner costs are charged to you periodically in April at $10.00, in addition to your monthly bill.
 *Pool Salt, Algaecides, Clarifiers, Sequestering Agents or any Specialty Chemicals are also at additional costs.

We do all of our own repairs. All repairs and mechanical maintenance of the support equipment will be evaluated and cost quoted as necessary prior the execution. Any required safety equipment will be updated as needed or requested by the County Health Department. These costs are considered additional. Our fees for this service are $116.00 for the initial hour, plus parts and sales tax.  

Pool Chlor Inc.'s office is open between the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday  and can be reached at #925-449-2289 or through e-mail at (Note: Email is checked once every other day. Also, please include name and contact number if responding through email). 

Monthly Service/Online Payments

  • Make a one-time payment from your bank account
  • Make a one-time payment from your credit card
  • Set up scheduled monthly payments from your bank account
  • Set up scheduled monthly payments from your credit card

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