Emergency Policy


The health departments closes nearly half of the commercial spas and/or pools that they inspect.

  • Your tenants, members, or homeowners are forbidden from using the pool and spa until the closable violation is remedied and a re-inspection occurs.
  • The health department conducts 95% of its inspections in the summer, when pool users most expect to be able to enjoy your pool. All commercial pools are inspected annually.
  • You can be fined for having repeat violations that are not properly addressed.
  • A large red sign is placed on your pool gate, telling all that see it that your pool or spa was closed for "Health Code Violations."
  • These closures are avoidable. In fact, Pool Chlor Commercial Service guarantees it!
  • If your pool or spa is closed by the health department for a deficiency related to our service we correct it.

A commercial or public pool or spa may be defined as one that is used by the public, may they be members of club or any residential establishment or communities and schools. Particular equipment, design, and maintenance standards are mandatory for commercial pools. Many building codes and health departments have mandatory rules and standards for commercial pools. There are rules about minimum chemistry standards, covers, safety equipment, and turnover rates enforced by state and local jurisdictions. Public swimming pools are usually operated by government agencies and are under constant scrutiny by health regulatory agencies.

Health inspectors visit the pool at least once a year in most areas. Because of liability issues, health inspectors may close a commercial pool until violations are corrected or impose fines if compliance is not met.

It is important that whoever is swimming in your pool always has a wonderful experience and making sure that no one is ever turned away due to a pool closure. No one likes to go to the pool ready to have a nice, relaxing swim only to find out the it is closed. It is not a good feeling for the potential Swimmer/Homeowner client, and not a good feeling for the HOA that has to address those complaints and bring the pool up to standards quickly. Or, you may have an after hours or weekend emergency? You can call us! Our team of qualified technicians can assist you to eliminate the nuisance of extended pool closures. We have most repairs completed within 24 hours. We maintain an inventory of commonly used parts for the quickest repairs in the industry.


24/7 Emergency Contact Field Supervisor
Cell 925-525-8015 or Cell 925-525-2873